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We use a free podcast service (called cPod) provided by Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) to its member stations.

3MGB sound archive files are able to be accessed at www.cpod.org.au. Listen to, download or subscribe to various podcast feeds produced by 3MGB from that site.

To find 3MGB's files on that site, locate 3MGB in the box labelled "STATIONS and FEEDS", click on the feed you want and take it from there.


Click the appropriate link below to go directly to the feed. (Sorry, only in Firefox at the moment, it seems. 20/3/18)

Feeds available now:

Bird Nerds

Local bird experts discuss latest bird affairs on Sue Hines's Scrambled Eggs Brekky Show (every 3rd Saturday at 09:30)

Soil Sisters

Jenny Lloyd and Julie Milligan's gardening segment on Maree Webb's Scrambled Eggs Brekky Show (every 3rd Saturday at 09:30)

Sue Hines Interviews

No explanation required


Selected historic topical interviews from 1995/6


Anything else!