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Note to Presenters

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Don Ashby

Don Ashby

Mallacoota would not be the same without the outstanding skills and almost boundless energy of Don Ashby. If it needs lights, props and sound Don will oblige.

His 3MGB story starts well before 2000, but this is where the recorded narrative begins.

2000: October - Don joined Geoff Coles to share presenting That's All Folk on a rostered basis.

2001: July to September - Don took over the Wednesday Breakfast spot when Ken Cooper's poor health forced him to vacate that chair.

2001: September - Poor health, this time that of Geoff Coles, resulted in Don looking after That's All Folk on a solo basis.

2001: November - Don left That's All Folk to concentrate on his new evening program Music Without Borders.

2001: December - Music Without Borders finished its brief run.

2003: July - Don returned with a one hour show - Orbitsville.

2004: March - Orbitsville ended its run.

2006: April - Orbitsville returns.

2006: May - New Kids On The Block(NKOTB) and Sibling Of NKOTB return. (?)

2011: Don continues as our Youth Coordinator, with New Kids On The Block, involving P-12 College students.

He also has been looking after our AMRAP responsibilities.

2014: Songs To Ageing Children, Sounds Like Australian Music (SLAM), Popz, Oztronics and New Kids On The Block.

Mick Bartholomew

Mick Bartholomew

From a commercial radio and journalist background, Mick was the presenter and host of the very popular Licorice Allsports show in the 90's. Previous shows included Radio For The Cerebrally Challenged.

He contented himself with an occasional Beauty Unrecognised and is now rostered for the Saturday Scrambled Eggs Brekky Show with Duncan Finlay . He occasionally presents The Album Show.

Kathi Blomer

Kathi Blomer

2011: Kathi joined 3MGB in April 2010, and presents her weekly program Eclectic Lady Land. She also is a key member of the Kaleidoscope roster.

Geoff Coles

Geoff Coles

Geoff is another 3MGB stalwart who can trace his involvement back to the earliest test transmissions.

The records show:

1999: April - Geoff took a brief break to recover from the rigours of a busy Easter period.

1999: July - Replaced Jacquie Wilson on the Music Gallery roster.

2000: October - Don Ashby began sharing That's All Folk on a rostered basis.

2000: December - Geoff finished his stint on the Music Gallery roster.

2001: November - Another spell of ill-health forced Geoff off air, at the same time Don Ashby finished sharing the That's All Folk chair.

2002: March - Geoff was able to resume That's All Folk. The show had been forced into recess during the early months of 2002 as we were unable to find replacement presenters.

2002: November - Geoff was elected to the Committee at the AGM, having been seconded some months earlier.

2003: April - Geoff took over as President when Christine Liedtke resigned.

2011: No details exist for the intervening years, but Geoff continues as a presenter of his weekly Folkways program, and is a member of the From The Concert Hall and Light Classics rosters.

2014: Geoff put his hand up for another stint on the Committee, this time as Vice President. G'donya Geoff!

2017: Geoff continues to present Folkways and From The Concert Hall.

Phil Counsel


In May 2009 Dr DJ answered a call for help from presenter Tim Frazer, who wanted a break. He's been attending to our needs since then with his weekly evening program SOS.

Michael and June Drake

Michael and June Drake

Michael is a very active presenter of longstanding. Over recent years In Your Company has been a labour of love, with Michael sometimes making early-morning departures from Melbourne in order to present his popular afternoon show, now renamed Back In Your Company. He has been on Monday Breakfast and Light Classics rosters and remains a member of the From The Concert Hall, team.

Michael served as President for several years in the last decade, and was instrumental in setting up our joint venture with Mallacoota Arts Council - Croajingolong Centre For Communication and The Arts. Michael presented the first program from our new studio.

Behind the scenes is wife June who produces From The Concert Hall and gives support energetically in our fundraising and social events.

The Drakes have hosted many enjoyable 3MGB functions over the years.

2017: Michael retired from his popular longstanding Back In Your Company in October 2016. He and June continue From The Concert Hall on the roster.

2018 - February: Michael has retired from all presenting duties.

Warwick Driscoll

Warwick Driscoll

Amongst his many skills and achievements Warwick is a semi-professional DJ who has provided pleasure for many people at various functions in town. Arriving in Mallacoota in 2008 he was finally enticed into 3MGB in early 2011, and stood in for Leo Op Den Brouw on Friday Lunchbox when Gabo Island duty called, and for Margaret Stevenson on Genoa Gold

2011: August - Warwick donated his services for a highly successful Music Trivia Night this month.

2012: February - Warwick calls his Friday lunchtime program Famous By Friday.

2014: September - He and James Mason have a new musical request show late Saturday afternoon called The Afternoon Before.

2015: November - Warwick joined the committee of 3MGB.

2016: Started Not Responsible request program.

2017: Lazy Sunday Afternoon.

Russell Grabert

Russell Grabert

Russell, a keen jazz fan, started presenting in December 2007, with Smooth Grooves. Russell is our current President, succeeding Michael Beedle in 2010; and has filled the role of Sponsorship Manager. Also he is the main 3MGB representative on the 3CA (Joint Venture) committee, serving as President of 3CA for the last few years. He is the Building Coordinator of the project.

With all this he continues to find the time for his weekly Smooth Grooves show, and also shares the Uptown Sunday Morning roster with Mike Webb and Mark Keating.

2015: November Having completed his task with the 3CA project, Russell has stepped down from the 3CA sub-committee and 3MGB committee for a well-earned rest. Thankyou Russell.

Laurie Hamilton

Laurie Hamilton

Laurie joined 3MGB in 2002, and has presented his Wednesday breakfast show This And That since then - without fail. Laurie served on the Committee and was Vice-President for a year or two.

Amongst his many activities in the community, Laurie was a volunteer Ambulance Officer.

Marg Harrison

Marg Harrison

Marg is one of our presenters from the early days. After 20 years, much to our delight, she has been persuaded to return. In July 2013 she filled in for Angus Buchanan and then joined Kaleidoscope and Sisters of Soul rosters. She has moved in 2015 to The Good The Bad & The Ugly with Leo op den Brouw.

Sue Hines

Sue Hines

Sue Hines discovered Mallacoota when she used to zoom all over the countryside on her motorbike. She settled in Mallacoota for good in 2012 after many years teaching English and ESL in Sydney and Canberra and writing novels for young adults. Reading and writing are passions for Sue but she also dabbles in watercolours, singing and birdwatching. She has recently had to 'retire' from motorcycling.

2016: February - Now she's indulging a long-held desire to have a go at radio presenting. Sue presents Tuesday Lunchbox and is one of the Sisters of Soul.

2017: Sue agreed to become Program Manager in 2016. She has also taken on the training of new presenters. She has now taken on the Friday breakfast show, appropriately titling it Poets' Day Brekky

Greg Hopkins

Greg Hopkins

Greg commenced with 3MGB in March 2011. He is an early riser so presented Early Morning With Greg now renamed Good Morning Blues.

2015: February - Greg kindly moved Good Morning Blues into the hard-to-fill Friday breakfast slot. After complaints about the loss of Greg on Saturday mornings, he has happily returned.

Mark Keating

Mark Keating

Mark, another keen jazz fan and musician, joined 3MGB committee as Sponsorship Manager in 2008. Establishment of a new home took him away from us for a couple of years, but in mid-2011 he agreed to represent us on the 3CA Joint Venture (New Studio project).

2011: November - Mark has become a presenter and joined the Uptown Sunday Morning roster with Russell Grabert and Mike Webb.

2012: September - Mark now presents Tuesday Breakfast.

2017: Mark continues to present Uptown Sunday Morning and Tuesday Breakfast, and to serve on the 3MGB committee. He is responsible for gaining a Grant to change our logos and signs last year. He also is currently on the Croajingolong Centre Management Sub-Commitee

Mervyn Kimm

Mervyn Kimm

Mervyn first went on air in 2002, soon after arriving in Mallacoota. He presented a Friday breakfast show called Waterfront with short breaks away. Waterfront is now on Thursday afternoons. Mervyn also served a term or two on the Committee in the early years.

Christine Liedtke

Christine Liedtke

Christine's time with 3MGB started much earlier than the year 1998, when this history begins, as Sponsorship Manager.

She served as President from November 2000 until April 2003, having taken over from Ken Vatcher. During much of that period she managed to squeeze in Thursday's Far East Brekky Show, Kinda Country, Friday Lunchbox, Saturday Nite Party and took her turn on the Monday Breakfast Show roster.

2011: Christine continues to present the ever popular Far East Brekky Show

Wally Mazurek

Wally Mazurek

Wally joined us in June 2010, having recently settled here. In July he began his popular Easy Listening show, nicely filling Saturday afternoons for our listeners.

2010: July - Wally assumed the role of Assistant Technical Coordinator responsible mainly for things that need backing up and rebooting.

2010: November - Wally frequently partnered Ken Cooper on his Wednesday morning show Blast From The Past.

2012: June - Wally presented Monday Breakfast.

2013: June - Following Ken Cooper's retirement, Wally took over both Blast From The Past. and Something Different on Wednesdays.

2014: June - Wally gave up Monday Breakfast to concentrate on his favourite Wednesday and Saturday programs.

An asset to 3MGB, Wally is always willing to fix computer problems, train new presenters or fill in uncovered programs.

Leo Op Den Brouw

Leo Op Den Brouw

2011: July - Leo was involved with 3MGB in the very early days, and can recall broadcasting from the green bus - but that's another story. Recently he renewed his acquaintance with 3MGB, and when he is not looking after Gabo Island he presents a weekly Friday Lunchbox.

2014: Leo joined the 3MGB Committee and is on the Sponsorship and Fundraising sub-committees.

2015: Leo now presentsThe Good The Bad & The Ugly with Marg Harrison on Friday Afernoons.

Belinda Phillips

Belinda Phillips

Belinda's first appearance on 3MGB was with Susie Vatcher in August 2007 on The Healthy Living Show. Belinda took on the show after a few weeks. In April 2008 she commenced her own music show Groove Train.

2012: April - Belinda has taken Groove Train out of service and now presents Scrambled Eggs Brekky Show on a 3 week roster.

2013: April - Belinda has also joined a 4 week roster for Sisters of Soul.

2015: November - After 8 years of dedicated and effective duty as our Secretary, Belinda is taking a break from the Committee. Thankyou for everything, Belinda.

John Roy

John Roy

John was a long-serving member of our committee and a past Vice-President but outside commitments forced his resignation in November 2000. He kindly allowed 3MGB to use his home as the setting for its Classical Candlelight Concerts at which John's baritone voice could be heard.

2017: John is currently a member of the From The Concert Hall roster.

Lester Sturgess

Lester Sturgess

Lester is a lover of Baroque music, as well as a keen singer/guitarist. In mid-2015 he agreed to present his weekly Tuesday afternoon show The Baroque Hour.

2017: Baroque and More Mondays 2-4pm

Chris Turvey

Chris Turvey

Chris has had a long and active association with 3MGB. Part of our Genoa contingent, work commitments restrict Chris to her rostered appearances on Sisters Of Soul

Maree Webb

Maree Webb

2000: September - Maree joined the Light Classics roster. In November she introduced her own program Pot-pourri.

2003: December - Pot-pourri became Brunch. Maree also re-joined the Light Classics roster for a time.

After a year or so Brunch was replaced by Wednesday Lunchbox, which Maree presented on a roster with Sue Williamson. Since September 2012, due to ill health, Susie has often been unable to share Wednesday Lunchbox and Maree has presented a weekly one hour program.

2007: Maree took over responsibility for Radio Waves. Subsequently she was invited onto the Committee to handle Presenter and Programming matters.

2014: Maree is currently Program Manager and Editor of Radio Waves. She presents Wednesday Lunchbox alternately with Sue Williamson and is on the Scrambled Eggs Brekky Roster on Saturday mornings.

2017: Maree is now the Assistant Program Manager and remains editor of Radio Waves. She continues on the Saturday Scrambled Eggs Brekky roster. She includes a local gardening segment - Soil Sisters - in that show with, usually, Jenny Lloyd and Julie Milligan discussing particularly local gardening topics.

Mike Webb

Mike Webb

1997: - Mike was asked to join 3MGB as assistant to the then Technical Coordinator, Greg Cyster.

1999: October - Joined the Committee as Treasurer (at the insistence of June Drake).

2001: July - Mike made his first on-air appearance, presenting Genoa Gold, covering for Margaret Stevenson who was away travelling through to September.

2002: April - Mike took over Uptown Sunday Morning while Sheila Day took a break and continued sharing the show on a rostered basis after Sheila returned.

2002: November - He stood down as Treasurer after three years, as well as ceasing to be a Committee Member. However Mike became our Technical Coordinator.

2010: July - Mike put his hand up for another term as Treasurer on the retirement of Ray Davey, as well as continuing as Technical Coordinator

2014: Still presenting Uptown Sunday Morning, Mike shares with Russell Grabert and Mark Keating.

2015: Mike, as Technical Coordinator, managed 3MGB's move to our new studio in the 3CA building and assisted all 34 presenters in adjusting to the technical changes.

Fred Wethereld

Dr Fred

Fred presented a regular, popular Blues show Dr Fred's Blues Clinic from our first test transmissions in the mid-80s until withdrawing in 1998.

In 2015 he returned, to present (Dr Fred's) New Blues Clinic.

2017: Now it's Jukebox Jamboree.


Francesca Winterson

Arriving in Mallacoota in September 2015 this child of the 60's still wears petchouli oil, burns incense and wears odd earrings. Her love of Mallacoota, music and drama led her to become a presenter with 3MGB.

Francesca says she has a great face for radio.

She is looking forward to entertain and inform the community with programs of general interest and diversity with a few touches of difference.

2017: She now presents Peas And Carrots on Tuesdays and Like A Box Of Chocolates on Fridays.