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Healthy Conversations (nee Doctor's Half Hour)

A weekly program by Tricia Hiley and Dr Sara Renwick-Lau discussing current community medical issues.

Doctor's Half Hour - 11th June, 2020
Wellness Part 1

Doctor's Half Hour - 18th June, 2020
Wellness Part 2

Doctor's Half Hour - 25th June, 2020
Anxiety (Repeat)

Doctor's Half Hour - 2nd July,2020
COVID-19 local update

Doctor's Half Hour - 16th July,2020

Doctor's Half Hour - 6th August,2020
COVID update, Carbohydrates contd.

Doctor's Half Hour - 20th August, 2020
COVID update, Making masks.

Doctor's Half Hour - 10th September,2020
COVID update, Athritis.

Healthy Conversations - 1st October,2020
COVID update, Worry and Anxiety

Healthy Conversations - 8th October,2020
Springtime Allergies

"Not The Library Storytime" - activities and stories for children.

Sue Hines brought her popular children's storytime sessions into 3MGB every week, from April to June.

These stories are about Elvis - The Lockdown Dog, and were all written by Sue.

Elvis Collection 1 - Elvis Is In The Building. Aired 1/4/20

Elvis Collection 2 - Elvis's Favourite Game. Aired 8/4/20

Elvis Collection 3 - Elvis is AGITATED
Aired 15/4/20

Elvis Collection 4 - Elvis Learns
Aired 22/4/20

Elvis Collection 5 - Elvis Pretends To Be A
Aired 29/4/20

Elvis Collection 6 - Elvis Goes On
Aired 6/5/20

Elvis Collection 7 - Elvis Has A
Aired 13/5/20

Elvis Collection 8 - Elvis And The
Aired 20/5/20

Elvis Collection 9 - Elvis Wants
Aired 27/5/20

Elvis Collection 10 - Elvis
Aired 3/6/20

Elvis Collection 11 - Elvis has a
Aired 10/6/20

2020 Bushfire and early Recovery period

The Leo Briefings

Beginning 6th January, our local SES Controller (and 3MGB presenter) Leo Op Den Brouw provided frequent updates to listeners on the current status of recovery works and other important local information.

His calm and informative presence was well received by 3MGB local listeners, and appreciated by podcast followers stranded in NSW.

Leo Session #1 with Maree Webb
Aired 6/1/20

Leo Session #2 with Francesca Winterson
Aired 7/1/20

Leo Session #3 with Belinda Phillips
Aired 9/1/20

Leo Session #4 with Francesca Winterson
Aired 10/1/20

Leo Session #5 with Mike Webb
Aired 12/1/20

Leo Session #6 with Maree Webb
Aired 13/1/20

Leo Session #7 with Tricia Hiley
Aired 16/1/20

Leo Session #8 with Francesca Winterson
Aired 17/1/20

Leo Session #9 with Mike Webb
Aired 19/1/20

Leo Session #10 with Maree Webb
Aired 20/1/20

Leo Session #11 with Francesca Winterson
Aired 21/1/20

Leo Session #12 with Wally Mazurek
Aired 22/1/20

Joint Task Force 646.2

On 15th January, Reserve Army Captain Colin Nelson of Royal Australian Engineers Joint Task Force 646.2 gave an update on his organisation's makeup, role and achievements, for 3MGB listeners. Interviewed by Francesca Winterson.

Joint TaskForce 646.2 News
Aired 15/1/20

Soil Sisters


A popular local gardening club segment of Maree Webb's Scrambled Eggs Brekky Show, aired every third Saturday. Julie Milligan and/or Jenny Lloyd provide local gardening club news, and excellent advice for gardeners in this area.

13/6/20 Julie Milligan and Maree talk about early Winter gardening.

Winter gardening news.

16/5/20 Jenny encourages us to grow native tube stock for our bushfire victims' new gardens; top 8 frugal gardening tips.

Grow native tube stock.

4/4/20 Jenny talks on planning of post-bushfire gardens.

Planning post-bushfire gardens.

7/3/20 Jenny returns from a fabulous tour of Indian gardens; Julie announces first Gardening Club Open Garden for 2020.

Indian gardens

14/12/19 Julie provides tips for surviving Summer, green mulch. Jenny talks about growing of herbs, sage, dill coriander and valerian

Summer Gardening

Bird Talk

Insert bird here

Sue Hines occasionally invites leading local bird fanciers into 3MGB to talk about birds and their involvement with them.

Leonie Daws talks about her recent trip to Newhaven just after the hottest summer on record.

Leonie Daws - A Desert Story
Aired April 13th, 2019

Max Elliot follows up on his earlier session on penguins, and details bird life, history and experiences on Macquarie Island

Max Elliot on Macquarie Island
Aired August 25th, 2018

Max Elliot relates his earlier life as a zoo-keeper, then discusses the Little (Fairy) Penguin colony on Gabo Island and King, Rock-hopper and Royal penguins of Macquarie Island.

Max Elliot on Penguins
Aired August 4th, 2018